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Looking for tips and advice for Weddings in Bakersfield? Luckily for you, Bakersfield is where we are proud to call home. Being Bakersfield wedding photographers has taught us how to better prepare for the conditions and elements unique to Bakersfield, CA. Want to capture beautiful shots during "Golden Hour"? Looking for that perfect location for a bridal session? You can rest easy knowing we have you covered! Check out our list below to review some of resources and our commonly asked questions to help you plan for the biggest celebration of your lives!

Planning Resources for the Newly Engaged

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Romantic & Heartfelt Imagery



We are also your go-to Bakersfield engagement photographers! We LOVE capturing engagement photos! For many, engagement photos are the first time in front of the camera. Using our years of experience, we try to provide couples with the utmost confidence to look and feel their best! These images are going to play a big part in telling the full story of your love, we make certain to give you our best!

One of the best ideas we can share for engagement photos is so simple, it can be easily overlooked. We always suggest dressing to the nines and having hair and nails done by a professional for your photos. Because when you look and feel your best that confidence will shine throughout each and every photo! Ladies, get your hair done the same day of the photos. Gentlemen should have it done a few days prior for a natural look. 

Lastly, be bold! Most couples use these images for their "Save The Date's" or for wedding day details, it's the perfect opportunity to take a trip to that beach you always wanted or take the hike you keep eyeing. These locations will make your photos unique and provide you with an amazing story to tell your friends and family every time they see your photos. 

Pre-Wedding Planning


Preparing for your 

This is by far the biggest party of your life thus far, let's make sure to cherish every memory from this day! The wedding goes by so quickly we want to provide you with a couple pointers to make your photos look even more incredible! First off, preparing for your wedding day images sounds much more terrifying than it actually is. As with most photos, the more genuine the moment, the better the photo will turn out. So the best way to prepare is to relax and go with the flow of the wedding. Secondly, finding the perfect location for your bridal portraits should be easy. Chances are, your photographer has already scouted a location prior to the start of the wedding. (Something we do anyway!) However, if a certain backdrop catches your eye, take note of it. Be sure to mention it to your photographer, we are always looking for perspective! Voice your opinion, it's YOUR wedding!

Additionally, dedicate time throughout the day to indulge a little. This means no stressing allowed! Allow yourself to try those hors d'oeuvres you spent time picking and enjoy a glass of champagne with your sweetie! These little moments make for some of the most unforgettable images. Who doesn't enjoy a little time to recharge?!

frequently asked questions

Where should we take our Bakersfield Wedding Photos?

This is definitely personal preference, wherever you decide to capture your images be sure you aren't in harsh lighting. As long as you have some shade and an authentic smile, these wedding images will be beautiful. 

I have a big family, will I get a photo with everyone?

We love large families, we have one also! The best way to ensure you get a photo with everyone is to create a shot list your photographer can use. We suggest allowing grandparents to go first so they can get off their feet if necessary. 

How many hours of coverage is right for me?

We always suggesting calculating your time of coverage from an hour prior to the wedding up to the first hour of an open dance floor. 

How soon should I book a photographer? 

Photographers are booked 10-12 months in advance, usually immediately after you book your venue. Everyone wants a popular wedding date, don't miss out, book early! Contact us here to get started.

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