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While there are many wonderful locations in Santa Barbara to capture wedding and engagement photos, UCSB is top tier. Ranking among the top 10 campuses of the UC system, the University of California Santa Barbara is celebrated for years of research and development among public universities. Additionally,  UCSB is highly renowned for its beauty, architecture and incredible seaside location. From UCSB's main entrance, one of the more iconic backdrops in Santa Barbara can be captured. Just a short drive down from the campus is beach access, this is another opportunity for incredible beach photos! There is not a single location with more versatility than UCSB! 

The University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) is renowned for its one-of-a-kind views and breathtaking landscaping. 

Located in Santa Barbara, CA

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university of california santa barbara

Why We Love

Beautiful Landscaping

Overlooks the Ocean

Within walking distance from the beach

Not too crowded on weekends

Gorgeous Weather All Year Round


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