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The city of Santa Barbara, CA. is one of the states most well known and popular coastal cities. The architecture that flows throughout town emits a wonderful aura that enriches every aspect of Santa Barbara, a photographer's dream! The crown jewel of Santa Barbara is the courthouse on Anacapa St,  the ornate gardens of the courthouse thrive thanks to the phenomenal weather and year round sunshine. The courthouse offers many stunning vantage points, but the most notable is offered at the top of the clocktower, which is only accessible during regular business hours. From here, you obtain the most grand view of Santa Barbara in all its splendor. The halls of the courthouse are also iconic, so we love to grab shots in there too! 

Plant life flourishes at the Santa Barbara Courthouse, lush greens and prink hues covered just about every square inch!

Located in Santa Barbara, CA

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the santa barbara courthouse

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