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There are many hidden treasure among the shoreline of California's many beaches. However, Carpenteria State Beach is one of the most unique and rare finds of them all! This quaint beach is so secluded that you must be a resident to even gain access! Carpenteria State Beach might be one of the most overlooked locations for the very fact that if you hadn't stopped by, you would never know it was there. It's this seclusion that makes this beach rare among California's beaches. There are few locations that offer such privacy on the beach to capture wedding/engagement and even family portraits quite like Carpenteria State Beach!

The privacy that Carpenteria State Beach provides allows couples and families to document memories without having to compete for locations like other popular California beaches. Paired with it's stunning ocean views, this is a personal favorite of ours for a very good reason!

Located in Carpenteria, CA.

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carpenteria state beach

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More Privacy Means More Opportunity 

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